US Architects Declare 2021

WE-DESIGNS is proud to be part of the US Architects Declare. #architectsdeclare

US Architects Declare is a network of architects organizing for radical change in the building sector around climate, social justice, and biodiversity. Architects Declare started in the UK in 2019 by inviting architectural firms to sign on as signatories to a joint declaration and has grown into a global network with declarations from 23 countries. Architects Declare places the responsibility and imperative on the architectural community, on architecture firms, and on architecture schools to state and enact change. Through this collective work, which is locally defined but globally connected, we can amplify both our knowledge and our impact toward change.


Efforts in the US have been defined by an intersectional approach to climate, justice, and biodiversity. We believe that these issues must be understood in relation to each other, and that the urgency of the crisis requires immediate transformation in the ways we teach, practice, and build. Further, we believe that this means working collectively, across offices and institutions, to think beyond the boundaries of our roles on individual projects. Incremental approaches will not bring about rapid systemic change. Furthermore, we understand that black, indigenous, and other people of color have been disproportionately impacted by historical and present-day actions that perpetuate societal inequities and preserve white privilege.


We see our work as complementary and supportive of a range of organizations addressing complex climate, social, and ecological challenges. The network is non-hierarchical, decentralized, and democratic. This means that it relies heavily on members’ participation, both as individuals and as workers in their offices and institutions.


US Architects Declare is not looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, recognizing that different firms, institutions, and individuals have different capacities to challenge the status quo. That said, we firmly believe that everyone has a role to play and a next step to take.

More information: US Declare