We have over a decade of AEC industry experience, on-the-ground research, and work in professional partnerships with architects, developers, and designers that specialize in private/public partnership (urban-tech, civic-tech, edu-tech), fashion, real estate, arts, culture, retail, and emerging technologies. 

Our team can provide unique insights across departments that are taken for granted at the institutional and academic level. We have consulted with Rhinoceros 3D, Bob McNeel and Andres Gonzalez, in opening several digital fabrication labs around the world. 

We are interested short/long-term business and go-to-market strategies for retail, real estate, and cultural clients, along with determining 1, 5, and 10-year strategic and technology solutions for their developments. 

Through a design-led practice, we have kick-started Future Factory (FF) an academic think-tank and research-lab. Partnering with teams of urban investigators, researchers, academics, and strategists we worked on collecting data from public and private sector entities with the intention of promoting open-sourced information as an instrument for growth, improvement, and the operation of urban environments.

For more information: http://futurefactory.cc