Hidden Infrastructures – Q1 2024

Hidden Infrastructures received the esteemed Architectural League of New York / NYSCA Independent Projects Grant.

Grateful that the Architectural League of New York @archleague and the NYSCA believe in our design director, Wendy W Fok’s continued contribution to architectural design research @hiddeninfrastructures #hiddeninfrastructures project, under the larger digitalSTRUCTURES @digitalstructures.cc research. Humbled to announce that they were awarded 1 of 25 projects that have been selected to receive this year’s Architecture + Design Independent Projects grant of $10,000.

The long-form research and work is part of the AD Journal’s ‘Multispace’ publication, edited by Owen Hopkins, published by Wiley & Co – Architectural Design: Volume 93, Issue 6, Special Issue: Multispace: Architecture at the Dawn of the Metaverse

Administered as a partnership between the League and @nyscouncilonthearts, Independent Projects supports self-generated projects in design practice and research that seek to answer the question:  where can design go next?

Independent Projects is a competitive grant program that is open to New Yorkers who work in any of the design fields. Get to know this year’s winners and follow us for details about the 2024 application cycle. Visit archleague.org to learn more.

“Hidden Infrastructures: From “Spy-Hubs” to Hollow Buildings that Conceal the New Digital”

Digital and fossil fuel infrastructures, and their deleterious effects on the environment, are easy to conceal when they are at the bottom of the ocean, but much harder when they are part of our cities and our urban experience. Both the oil and tech industries have long sought to conceal city infrastructure, frequently via architectural means. Architect Wendy W. Fok will document the tactics of architectural disguise in infrastructural buildings serving the data (tech) and fossil fuel (oil) industries. 

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