Jessica Marquez


Jessica Marquez is a visual designer specializing in graphic, architectural, experiential design, and photography. Being at the intersection of different visual arts and design methods, she draws from a diverse range of techniques, tools, and approaches. Jessica is passionate about creating enriching experiences and believes effective and thoughtful design should be accessible to all. By drawing on insights from different disciplines and applying them to her work, she aims to create designs that resonate with a broader range of people.

Jessica’s most recent academic project, Circular Textiles, explored the exploitative textile industry of the El Paso/Juarez border region. The project aimed to give textile workers agency in their work and domestic spaces while creating a circular economy for textiles to prevent waste.

She is currently working as a Lead Designer for WE-DESIGNS and graduated with a BS in Architecture from Texas Tech University in El Paso, Texas.



Graphic Design | Architectural Design | Photography