Selected Projects

We design and develop experiences, services, and products for customers of all scales. We specialize in design, technology, and creative solutions.

Product & Project Management

With over two-decades of combined experience, our team has extensive experience from Zero to Launch,
Design-Build, Manufacturing, Hardware/Software, and Digital Fabrication.

Design Technology

Proficient in 3D modelling, innovative material research, design-build, augmented reality (AR) and mixed
reality (XR) design, and other types of engagement that could promote a larger discussion of how
consumers interact with products and delivery for architecture, real estate, retail, and innovative business

Web Development

Front-end design and landing page design for start-up and creative clients, our team can develop from
scratch, template, or through collaboration in project managing with software-engineers.

Brand Design & Strategy

We believe in the integration of digital technologies into the new realities of branding that impact
economic, social, and cultural dimensions of human experience into the process of design in the built

Architecture [Design-Build]

We are not afraid to get our hands dirty. We have extensive digital fabrication and manufacturing
experience in developing innovative means of design-build, from object-oriented to residential to urban-scaled projects.

Reliable Results

We are interested in prototyping design applications for the future of urban living. We can design with both 2D/3D digital and analogue tooling. We are interested in partnering with your team in delivering immediate results.









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We are a passionate boutique design studio that specializes in well-researched and unique design experiences, services, and products.

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