Jung Ahn

JUNG AHN: Toronto, Canada / New York, NY
(Senior Art Director: Digital & Art Direction)

Jung Ahn is a Senior Art Director, driven by an affinity for creativity and technology. The passion and gusto that Ahn brings to all projects allows her challenge and expand the limits of visual design and achieve wider impact. Ahn’s cultural acuity and adaptability are well served in a field which demands the ability to participate in cross-cultural dialogue and communicate across difference.

Relationships drive Ahn’s work, and clients take the lead. She listens carefully to her clients, learning and responding to her clients’ needs with thoughtful and considered expertise. Such an approach invariably serves and enhances clients’ brand.

Ahn has worked on a wide variety of brands including, but not limited to McDonald’s, Audi, BMW, Knorr, Miele, Purina, Royal Canin, BMO, Diet Coke, Herbal Essences, All Bran, Cheer Detergent, Gain, Cheerios, Pizza Pops, Oatmeal Crisp, Metro Groceries, Campbell’s, Heart & Stroke, Bounce, Visa, Toronto Tourism, CIBC, Dempster’s, and I. 

Ahn graduated from the OCAD University with a degree in Communication Design.

She as been awarded Marketing Awards, ADCC, Kinsale Shark Awards and the Young Guns International.

Jung Ahn’s Specialties:
Art direction, Design, Branding, Photography

Personal Website: iamjung