Lightbox Gallery – Harvard Art Museums // Experience Design

The Lightbox Gallery project was made possible through the collaboration with metaLAB (at) Harvard, the Digital Problem Solving Initiative (DPSI), and the Sackler Gallery staff members of the Harvard Art Museums.

The conceptual design and development of the above visualizations and ideation of the project by Wendy W Fok, was made apart from WE-DESIGNS, within the context of a larger the Digital Problem Solving Initiative (DPSI) with metaLAB (at) Harvard, with team members Dan Kois, Chris Molinski, Sarah Newman, Jeff Steward, and Matthew Battles.  The final production and built conception of the Lightbox Gallery was executed by the Renzo Piano Built Workshop Team and the Harvard Art Museum.

“How do we experience a collection? The Lightbox Gallery in the brand new Renzo Piano designed facility is a venue for digital experiments and new media projects that respond to collections held at the Harvard Art Museums. Built in collaboration with faculty, staff, students, and visiting artists, projects in this space use digital tools to reveal connections between objects and play with traditions of display. Some of these projects are responsive, allowing users to navigate and manipulate the collections. Other projects are cinematic, transforming the Museums into a landscape of digital performance. The Lightbox is a space for cross-disciplinary exploration, turning the gallery into an experimental digital lab. The gallery will be inaugurated in tandem with the inauguration of the new museum in November 2014.”

Quoted text by metaLAB (at) Harvard

Concept design by Wendy W Fok
AV Tech Solution Consultants by Adtech Systems

Date: 2014 Client: Harvard Art Museums Model: Concept Location: Cambridge, MA