CLICK AND ORDER // Retail Software Application

Structured as a ‘design lab’ style collaboration to work with industry creatives, hackers, innovators, and designers on the new concepts that innovate the concept of retail, branding, and fashion beyond the current “brick and mortar” model, to what our team at WE-DESIGNS calls “click and order“.

This intro video demos a design concept and open source software application that was created in Processing, that is connected to Rhinoceros 3D, that enables consumers to design their own bespoke / customizable object, and fabricate it through 3D printers.  The research and development of this design concept is to bridge the chasm between innovative retail technologies, mass customization, design, and divergence between the buying power of consumers within physical space, to the digital sphere of online markets.

The development of this application and design concept is to bring thought leaders together along with hackers to design a contemporary prototype of retail design.  Our expert creatives have worked in the fashion and architectural design industry for over a decade, and currently are working on several retail concepts in Asia and the USA.  Focus topics within the discussions and presentations for our workshops are on the various styles of consumerism within the trends of Asian consumers and Western consumers, along with the use of 3D printers, apps, and live demos.


Creative Direction:
Wendy W Fok

Research & Development Team:
Kevin Pham
Ryan Erbert

Video / Content Editing:
Kevin Pham

Music by:
James Lealand aka “DJ Roo”

All contents and creations in this video belong to the respective copyright owners.
All videos were produced in an educational setting for SXSW Interactive 2016.
All Rights Reserved 2015.

Date: 2015 Software: Processing / Rhinoceros / 3D Printers