digitalSTRUCTURES Awards – Q4 2023

Our team at WE-DESIGNS is grateful for an amazing round-up of architecture and design awards for the 360′ design of digitalSTRUCTURES.

digitalSTRUCTURES is a special project that took over 2-years to realize (10-years if including the research!), as our entire team engaged in the different printed, digital, and immersive design of the entire project scope. From the cover design by Jung Ahn, to the research and development by Jessica, Marquez and JJ Jin amongst others, to the keystone of the content that was written and designed by Wendy W Fok, to the strategic marketing by Lillian He, our entire team worked together to make digitalSTRUCTURES a first time for many, including our publisher ORO Editions.

digitalSTRUCTURES’ uses the vehicle of a ‘physical book’ (published by ORO Editions) into a ‘physical exhibition’ that offers a 360’ and pivotal digital engagement point of how we can design physical spaces in various scales. This project was key to developing and experimenting on how architectural spaces, through exhibition design, expands and extends the lifespan of physical objects shown in an exhibition space. 

The exhibition design engages with storefront windows that bring out AR elements that are activated by visitors that enable them to bring animation and dynamic effects of the physical 3D models into their devices. The core concept has always been to learn how we can engage and educate a viewer, visitor, reader, and guest viewing the exhibition, into various physical and digital worlds. Whether they wanted to read to learn, or engage with AR/XR elements to learn, the options are endless. Visitors can visit the exhibition, to learn more about how digital infrastructures play a heavy part of their lives through the physical exhibition or read chapters within the book. 

The exhibition is complemented by a multi-media digital platform (, includes interviews recorded activated by the physical objects within the space, onto each visitor’s devices as podcasts. The interviews are with industry specialists, like Saskia Sassen, Paola Antonelli, et al. All the audio content is activated through the engagement of the exhibition, and through parts of the book. The key to the exhibition is always to provide a feedback loop between the exhibition <> book, vice-versa.


A+D Museum Design Awards 2023

AIA Dallas KRob Awards 2023

Architizer Vision Awards 2023





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