Carmen Cordova


Carmen Cordova is an Interior Designer, Graphic Artist and Painter. Interior Design has helped her materialize concepts and create meaningful experiences, which could positively impact individuals and communities. Carmen wishes to continue to learn and practice in this field, to actively develop compelling realities in human life as well as try to achieve an understanding of the social and environmental impact and importance, of projects for the built environment.

Carmen is passionate about exploring and developing projects based on underlying contemporary social and economic issues. Recently, she has researched Domesticity in El Salvador and how by creating the physical space traditionally used to isolate women, women actively reclaim the domestic sphere and achieve true autonomy.

She is currently working as the Design Assistant for WE-DESIGNS creative agency, and she will graduate with her BFA in Interior Design and Creative Entrepreneurship from Parsons School of Design in May 2021.


Graphic Design | 3D Modelling | Concept Development