James Lealand

JAMES LEALAND: London, UK / Shanghai, China
(Media Design Partner / Media Designer)

James Lealand is the Media Design Project Manager of WE-DESIGNS.  Lealand produces a majority of the sound, remixes, and digital recordings for our video clients. Along with being an active Professional Photographer and DJ, his portfolio contains over 30,000 images that have been made in 8 countries spanning 3 continents have all gone towards the various pictures shared in the last 12 months. Currently based in both London, UK and Shanghai, China, his works covers everything from events, reportage, portrait, product and photography.

Lealand has recently been published recently in the Labour Briefing magazine and DJ Magazine in Amsterdam with further publications on the horizon. His recent work with Kingpin Marketing and the Stay Up Forever music collective has provided new fresh challenges and with all of this in mind he thought it was time to make some updates.

James Lealand’s Specialties:
Media Applications, Music, Photography, Acoustics, Graphic Design

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/djroo-1